Welcome to Boeselager German Shepherds Puppy page. Our German Shepherd breedings are from strong working bloodlines that will bring many qualities that we expect from the East German DDR and West Working German Shepherd Dogs, like health, temperament, correct structure, big bone, broad head, deep rich pigment, character, and overall working ability. All of our German Shepherd Puppies are born in our home so they can get use to noises in the house, etc, we love on them 24/7 and to get use to our cats. They are not born outside in a kennel/shed. We breed for Quality, not quantity and that is why we only have 1-2 litters a year and 1 litter at a time. We feel that all of our love and focus needs to be on 1 litter at a time instead of multiple litters at one time.  Our dogs produce Puppies in color, Solid Black, Black Sable, Dark Sable and Sable German Shepherd puppies. Our Puppies are put through a lot of socialization, and have hands on right from the start. We do the ENS (Super Dog) on all of our German Shepherd Puppies. All of our Puppies will come with their first set of shot's, micro chip, and multiple worming before they leave our home. We have our personal veterinarian micro chip the puppies and do a full health check up before they go to their new home. You will receive with your new puppy their own personal folder with a copy of mom and dad's pedigree, AKC registration, a copy of our written hip/health guarantee contract, their personal health booklet, their micro chip info, a toy and a small bag of our dog food. You will also receive some informational papers inside your puppy's personal folder. We only ship our Puppies in the USA, and parts of Canada at this time.  Our work never stops after we sell our German Shepherd Puppies. We are always available if you have any questions or concerns before or after you get your new Puppy home. We are there for the life of the puppy. Discounts available to Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Military reserves), LE and SAR, with proof. We are Only offering the discount to the Military that is listed above. For SAR the puppy must be trained (certified) and worked in SAR in order to receive the discount. Boeselager German Shepherds reserves the right to hold back a puppy from any litter at any time for our future breeding program.

NOTE: All Puppies will be on a limited registration until they are OFA Certified at 2 yrs of age. This protects the breeder, the buyer, as well as the dog. We have always done this with NO complications. If you have any questions or concerns about this please feel free to ask.  You may read more about the Limited Registration HERE. What order we receive your holding fee (deposit) will hold your position in line. In other words (First come First pick). We require $300-$500 to be put down as a holding fee (deposit) to hold your position in line. It does depend on the breeding what the holding fee (deposit) will be. All holding fee's ( deposit's) are
Non-Refundable, No Exceptions. Your holding fee (deposit) will be transferred (1 time) to another litter if we do not have enough of the sex that you want. All Puppies, including shipping, etc, Must Be Paid In Full At 5 Weeks Of Age. Shipping is $350 and is subject to change. We do Not use airports to ship our puppies. Way too stressful for them plus you hear a lot of horror stories. We use ground transportation (Vagabondhound) and like how they are well taken care of and how the puppies are stress free. They deliver the puppy right to your door healthy and vibrant, not stressed out at all :-)

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These are picture's of our whelping area where the puppies are born in our home. There is a doggie door that leads out to a 10x20 puppy run. The vinyl flooring makes it easy to sanitize/clean up and helps the puppies get use to walking on this type of flooring. We use a Dura Whelp whelping box for our puppies. The mom always teaches the puppies to use the doggie door around 5 weeks of age. Then by 7-7 1/2 weeks old they are usually going potty outside full time. This setup has worked Really Good for us and the puppies as well as the new owners. With them being in the house, they get use to household noises and additional noises. They also get use to our cat's as well. We only have 1 litter at a time. We believe this is the best way to have all of our love and focus on 1 litter at a time verses 2 or 3 litters at the same time. We believe in Quality not Quantity and the health of our dogs. That is what matters first and foremost to us.
Discounts available to Military, LE, SAR  MUST show Proof.
Boeselager German Shepherds reserves the right to hold back a puppy from any litter at any time for our future breeding program.
Reservations Are Highly Recommended
   **Pregnancy Confirmed By Ultra Sound**                   **Puppies Due December 29**
                       **This Litter Is Reserved**

Ena vom Boeselager. Hips~OFA Excellent, Elbows~OFA Normal and DM clear by parentage
Wizard von Schraderhaus, IPO3, FH, DM Clear. HD "a" Normal, ED Normal. 100% East German DDR

Click HERE to view this Amazing Pedigree
We are Very Excited to be repeating this breeding with Ena and Wizard. They produced some Very, Very Nice puppies out of the "I" litter!!!! You can see the "I" litter on our Gallery pg 2. Ena is our girl out of our own breeding. She is from our "E" litter out of Anka/Zavien. Ena's hips are OFA~Excellent and Elbows are OFA~Normal. We will have her DM tested even though she is DM Clear through parentage. Ena is 69.3% East German DDR and the rest is West Working lines. Ena is a Very Nice girl with brains to boot, hehe!!!! She has Gorgeous structure with a beautiful flowing gate, thick bone and a Gorgeous head on her. Picture's do not do this girl justice at all. She has an Awesome temperament and can be a clown too, lol!!! She is protective of her family/property when/if it's needed. Absolutely LOVE this girl :-)  Wizard is an Awesome boy with a Beautiful on/off switch. He is very eager to work and please his person. His picture's do not do him justice at all. He is a very nice size boy with a big head on him, broad chest and thick bone. He can be very serious when/if it's needed. We expect solid blacks and dark/black sables out of this breeding. This will be the 3rd time we have used Wizard. We are Extremely Happy with what he has produced with our females. Ena and Wizard puppies are doing Schutzhund, IPO, Agility, Nose work, Tracking, being trained as a Service dog as well as being a family companion and guardian. Puppies will be suitable for working homes and/or Very active family homes. Puppies out of this breeding will be 85% East German DDR and the rest will be West working lines. Thanks to Stolz German Shepherds for allowing us to use Wizard again :-) You can see what Ena and Wizard have produced on our Gallery Pg 2 page. We also held back a puppy from this breeding. You can see Imarah (she is our 4th generation) on our Females page.
Line breeding for the progeny of Wizard von Schraderhaus and Ena vom Boeselager
Linebreeding - 5 generations

5,5 - 5............................................V Muchta vom Schwarzhorn

5 - 5...........................................V Illa von der Mittelhäuser Flur

         **Puppies were born on 12-28-15**
Ena had some complications and lost 3 puppies, 2 girls and 1 boy.  R.I.P my beautiful babies..... Ena has 3 boy's, 2 dark sables and 1 solid black.
Photo's at 6 weeks old
Click HERE to view this Amazing Pedigree