Hi Kelly,

I would like to say that Ando is by far the best dog that I have ever owned. He is of sound temperament and his nerves are like steel. I take him on walks and the people tell me how beautiful he is. He has extreme drive and is willing to give up all to work. He is very protective of our family and is best friends with my 3 year old son. They are pals. I couldn't have asked for a better member for our family. With that said, I would recommend Boeselager Kennels anytime for their EXCEPTIONAL German Shepherds.
Thank You
Daniel and Kylie
Braeden and Beckham
and Ando Too!
Hi Kelly,

I wanted to give you an update on Vader. At almost 5 months old he is 60 Lbs and growing. We finished up basic puppy training. He did very well. In September we are going to start advance obedience training. He is quick at learning. He can sit & stay for over 2 minutes. He can roll over and catch food in mid air. He walks on a leash very good. Eventually I would like to train him to track after the advance obedience. We went on vacation last week and I snapped this picture of him by the lake. He loves to dig holes in the sand, and hang out on the beach. Swimming, we are working on that. He had an incident when he ran right off the dock and sank. Luckily my son was there to grab him out of the water. He doesn't like to go in the deep water, he likes to wade in the shallow. I just want to thank you again for such an awesome dog. He has been so much fun to work with. Everybody that comes into contact with him is so suprised of his calm temperament. My sister would like to steal him from me. She wants to get another Shepherd too. She is not quite ready. Even though Vador needs someone his size to play with. I hope you enjoy the picture and I will talk to you soon.
Thank You
Eric and family
Dear Kelly,

Hi, things are going well with Rex. He now weighs 72.5 Lbs.  He is going to be a big dog. We are currently attending puppy obedience, which Rex is the largest puppy @ 6 months old. He loves to play and chase the other puppies. At home, he loves to chew on EVERYTHING! Hopefully he will out grow this stage. He has full run of our yard, and is very good at staying home.  We have a pond and our younger son has taught him to swim over the summer, and Rex loves the water! It's really cute to watch him. He makes us laugh. We are truly enjoying his company, since our 1st German Shepherd "George" passed away just 2 weeks after getting Rex.  Sorry the picture isn't better, he doesn't like to stand still for pictures.
Terri, Kristi, and family

Kelly you were right!!! Ami was born in March of 2006, and he is everything you said he would be. He is easy to train, social and at the same time a great watch dog, and very affectionate. While walking him through town people always compliment how beautiful he is and I have to agree. I feel safe at home and his bark alone is intimidating. He loves to swim and he is getting pretty good at Frisbee. I feel very fortunate that he is a part of my life.

Thanks for your honesty. You are always there if I have a question and you return calls promptly which means a lot!!!

Boeselager Kennels doesn't just breed puppies, they love their puppies and all their dog's are well taken care of... we know because before we purchased our puppy, my daughter and I visited the Kennel and were introduced to Ami's parents.

By the way, I saw the picture's of your puppies and they are so cute... it makes me want another one!! What great dog's!!!
Thanks again,
Lisa, Steph, and Michael
Hello Kelly,

This is a picture of our son with Kafka. We would be lost with out her! Kafka is the sweetest, most even tempered dog. We have had so many compliments from friends, obedience trainers and breeder's saying just that. She has been exceptionally healthy and incredibly smart. We adore her so much we went back to Kelly to get one of Kafka's litter mates, Malachi. The thing she loves most is hugs! We have 3 children and a neighborhood full of children and our dog's are a favorite of all the kids. We have brought our dog's to our boy's elementary school and they have sat quietly and calmly while 25 2nd grader's pet them and they were under a year old! Kafka and Malachi also love camping.

We considered many breeder's before choosing Kelly Shaw...... Kelly was the most knowledgeable about her breeding line and her dog's are family to her. We found that many other breeder's didn't have the same passion for their dog's as Kelly and were much more concerned about their pocket books. We could not be happier with our dog's than what we are.
Thank-you Kelly!
Renee & Family
Hi Kelly,

I purchased 2 shepherds from Boeselager Kennels. Kelly Shaw was very professional and knowledgeable on the DDR lines of her dog's. I am very pleased with Kaiser and Max. They were easy to train and very intelligent. They have to have their hugs every morning.

I am a retiree so I bought them for companionship and protection. Max and Kaiser are very good with my Grandchildren too. Talking with Kelly, she has a very big heart for her dog's. She has a knack to place the dog with the person they fit best with. I can take my boy's anywhere and people always tell me what beautiful shepherds they are. I am very happy.

Kelly will help you, as she has with me on any questions that you need answered. She is very knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend Kelly's shepherds to anyone that wants a beautiful, smart, and excellent temperament in a dog.
Thank You
Hi Kelly S,
We purchased Kosmo in 2001 from Kelly.  He is the best dog we have ever owned. He listens to commands. Gets along with children. He's very protective of our family. He loves to play outside with his basketball. He loves to munch on snow.  I would say he has the best temperament. He looks just like his father Max.  I would highly recommend anyone who would like to purchase a German shepherd, should purchase one from Kelly S, or  known as Boeselager Kennels.  HERE IS KOSMO KOZ BON! he weighs 95 lbs and will be 8yrs this year!
Darwin and Family

We could not be happier with our newest addition to the family. Bannan (AKA “Kaiser”) Vom Boeselager meshed perfectly with our three young boys. They absolutely love him and he adores them. Kaiser is healthy, happy, beautiful, and playful.  There are not enough adjectives to describe him. We look forward to watching him grow into a powerful and majestic animal. We live a very active lifestyle and Kaiser fits into this paradigm perfectly. He has full roam in a large fenced in backyard and he takes complete advantage of his play space.  Although he has developed an affinity for rugs (he is a puppy after all), he is at total peace inside the house and loves to snuggle with mom (and dad too). Kelly Shaw is extremely knowledgeable and she is sensitive to the needs of her German Shepherds. Kelly is passionate about her kennel and the high quality dogs are a testament to her professionalism. We highly recommend Boeselager Kennels to anyone interested in owning an intelligent, active, and regal German Shepherd.  Again, we could not be happier. 

 Kelly, thank you for making our family complete!!

Dr. Dominik and Jana (and the boys)



Dear Kelly,

We absolutely love our gorgeous all black German Shepherd puppy Bela Vom Boeselager (A.K.A. Raven).  Our Raven is absolutely beautiful inside and out.  Everyone that has met her has commented on her good looks.  Her disposition is excellent, she is lovable, playful, intelligent, and protective.  She is neither shy nor overbearing, just perfect.  She and her big brother Koal get along wonderfully.  She is bringing the puppy out in him, just as we had hoped.  She and our two children are great friends already.  She has brought so much happiness to us and everyone is completely enjoying her. You have been extremely professional and quick to respond to any questions and concerns. Your knowledge and passion in the foundation of the breed reflect in  your breeding program.  Your kennel produces desirable top quality German Shepherd dogs.  It has been a pleasure purchasing our pup through you and we would highly recommend your kennel for anyone looking for a wonderful lifetime friend and companion.   
Dayna, Jim, Alex, Becca, Koal, and Raven
Conway SC
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Hi Kelly,
Just thought I would send you a few shots of Max on his birthday. He's a real Pal and goes every where with me, loves children. The neighbor kids come over and ask if Max can come out to play. Thanks for a great Pal.
We feel so fortunate to have found Boeselager Kennel when searching for our new family member. From the first phone call with Kelly it was evident we were speaking to someone knowledgeable, caring and truly sincere.

After we “picked out” our little man we were so excited to see that we received weekly updates on his growth, weight, activities and personality. Kelly even included pictures each week, which was so cool. We were able to watch him grow even though we were 18 hours away! She was very attentive to our questions and concerns and addressed those with the utmost care and professionalism. Our little man is now 14 months old, weighing in at 82 pounds. We could not be happier. We had lost our GSD of 14 years just 5 months prior to Niko’s arrival. People always say “You’re never able to replace the one you lost.” Well, we have a slightly different opinion now. Our lives would not be the same without him. We feel very privileged to be one of the lucky ones who now share a life with a GSD from such fine lineage.  

A million thanks to you Kelly. You are undoubtedly the best!

Audra, Brian & Niko 

Hey Kelly:
I know this has been a long time coming, I picked Gus up the beginning of December 2009, he was 7 months old, he is now 15 months, what a treat he is!!!  It is obvious how much you love your 'babies', anytime I have a question or concern you have been there in a heartbeat.  Gus is a little stubborn in ways, but learns quick and he makes me laugh.  My husband wasn't real keen on having another dog, but without him saying, Gus has stolen his heart too!   I have never dealt with a breeder before, but my heart tells me that there are not a great number of them out there that have the total commitment which I see in you.  I think I can safely say (through my observations) that you put your  'kids' needs before your own.  Gus has kept me busy (a good busy), he has a personality that just doesn't quit.  German Shepherds have stolen my heart over years and I am glad I found you Kelly, your love for your 'kids' shows in your breeding.

Gus with his pack friends in Georgia.
I researched my first GSD for about a year before I met Kelly.  I  talked to some
breeders and some wouldn't even email me back.  Then I met Kelly.  She took the time to answer every one of my emails without hesitation. I want to thank you for being patient with me because I'm sure I drove you crazy with my endless questions. Even now after we have had our puppy home Kelly is still there to lend her support and knowledge.  I was a little nervous about buying a puppy I have never met but Kelly put my mind at ease with all of her knowledge on the breed and her honesty.  She even took extra pictures of Askia and Zavien for me.  I also loved receiving weekly updates on the puppies and their pictures.  Kelly was also very nice to keep me informed during Askia's pregnancy.   
I want to thank you, Kelly for being an incredible breeder.  Charlie (Cain) is
everything we wanted and MORE.  He is such a fast learner and I'm amazed at how well he picks things up.  He had about 20 children in a school parking lot descend on him and he didn't cower at all but sat there wagging his butt he was so happy.  He is great with our kids and such a confident little pup.  I couldn't have asked for a better pup than Charlie.  I know he will mature into an amazing dog for our family.  I look forward to the many years with him.  
Thank you for everything.  I can't say enough great things about you and your kennel.  
The family 

Dear Kelly,
We couldn't be happier with our new addition to the family. Sasha Silver (aka Cina
Vom Boeselager) is such a sweet and fun loving pup. Her energy matches that of the girls. We never knew who we would end up with before spending 2 hours at your home. We made the perfect choice for our family. I thank you for letting us do that.  What a fabulous memory for the kids to be at your place with all 11 puppies climbing all over them. I still don't know how you did it Kelly! One is enough for 5 of us to handle. Thank you for always being there to answer all my crazy questions! Our whole family is grateful for our relationship with you. From that first phone call to yesterdays' vitamin questions you have always been 100% involved. We couldn't of made a better choice in a breeder Kelly. Thank you so much for being so committed to the dogs. I love that you want updates and pictures. Here is a recent picture for the website. We look forward to seeing Sasha's brother and sisters' growing pictures too! Next week we start Obedience training and then onto Agility this summer! Thanks again for everything. You are the best!
Deb, Aaron 
the family

Where to begin.... Well after doing some research on personal protection dogs after my last one passed, A" rotty" I found that GSD's are the best choice for said job. I had looked for a a while through different breeders on google, ebay, etc.  I deliberated for a couple weeks between breeders and Boeselager Kennels kept popping up. Well me being me figured maybe God was trying to tell me something" some believe in fate...etc." Besides I really loved the way Askia's sable coloring is!  Then my next choice was to either contact Kelly and pay top dollar and get the bloodlines best for what I want or choose a cheaper smaller boned American shepherd who are mainly bred to look pretty and run in circles...Well I was always raised that you get what you pay for and I did this time. I chose Cora, a very gentle loving female with beautiful colors, intelligence and a decent prey drive! For the first week she was very timid acting, but wow apparently day #5 is the magic come out of the shell number. Needless to say I am very pleased with what I've got, a puppy with unending potential! Within the first two weeks I found out just how smart she really is! So if you are considering a GSD dog, I highly recommend this kennel. You wont be let down at all! Remember you get what you pay for!  Excellent breeding and excellent quality! PS the pictures don't do any justice for the parents. They are much larger and more beautiful in real life!!


Kelly, "Genna" (Cana vom Boeselager) has been everything you described to me and more.  Her transition from your home to ours has been an amazingly smooth one.  I admit I was a bit hesitant in purchasing an older pup (5 months), however you did an outstanding job of raising her to that point.  Her nerves are rock solid, she is the most well adjusted German Shepherd pup we have ever owned.  She is incredibly mature and level headed for her age, yet has just the right amount of prey drive, yet is very civil and content in the home.  "Already being housebroken was another plus".  She immediately accepted our three little girls as her new pack and gets along extremely well with our other dogs, giving the older dogs their space and playing appropriately with the others.  New people and places do not phase her.  We are so glad she came into our life and look forward to many wonderful years with her.  
Thanks so
much..... Steve

Geena is doing really, really good and her prey drive keeps increasing. I only use a tennis chuck it ball with her now, although she does have some interest in a Kong as well. Her obedience is doing really good with sit, stay, down and heel. I don't over do it with her though, still just letting her be a pup for the most part, playing with the girls and playing fetch. She is awesome in the house and very well behaved and docile. She has really been that way since I got her from you. She is an exccellent representative of the breed. Your pups look great..... I'll send you photo's of her again soon.... Steve
Cashmere vom Boeselager (Kashmir) has wagged her way into our hearts! She waltzed right in like she owned the place, claimed the last open spot on the bed and made herself right at home. She has taken everything in stride from vet visits, training classes, trips to the store, to dog shows. She greets every person she meets with a wagging tail and a doggie grin.  Kashmir fearlessly tackles any new situation she encounters. Her temperament is to die for! Then there's her looks! Not only does she have beautiful dark pigment, rich colors, and adorable markings, she has excellent conformation. She stole the hearts of the judges at her puppy conformation matches taking not just one, but three Reserve Best Puppy in Show awards. Her movement is solid and flowing, and she stacks herself all the time. With all of her accomplishments in just two short months, I imagine she has many more in her future! 

Diamond vom Boeselager
D – Devoted 
I – Intelligent
A – Amusing
M – Motivated
O – Observant
N – Nimble
D – Dazzling
Diamond is a wonderful addition to our family. She is everything we hoped for. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to own such a beautiful and outstanding dog.
Joel and Lisa 

Photo taken at the SV show in October, 2011 where she took VP1
My wife and I welcomed Michaela (aka Destiny) into our home when she was 14 weeks old. Once we met her we knew that she was the one we were looking for.  Even though she has only been with us for a little over 2 months, it seems like she has been with us forever. We had decided it was time to bring another dog into our lives and knew that we wanted a German Shepherd (my wife having had prior experience with the breed). Our research led us to the German working line of dogs. I researched everything I could on German working line breeders in my area and contacted every one of them. Our quest for a German Shepherd puppy led us to Kelly and to Boeselager Kennels. We were very impressed with Kelly and her dogs.  Kelly took the time and answered every question that we had for her, but along with that she had just as many questions for us. Not only were we interviewing Kelly, but she was interviewing us as well. That showed us that she was a conscientious breeder who cared about her dogs and wasn't going to let her puppies go to just any home. Kelly runs a small quality breeding program that turns out sound solid dogs. Kelly has been there for us with any questions that we have had since we brought Michaela home.  Michaela has far exceeded our expectations. Her personality, her drive, her athleticism, her intelligence, her confidence, her temperament, her situational awareness, are amazing; in short she is everything that we had hoped for and more. Kelly told us that German Shepherds are like potato chips; you can't stop at just one.  She was right; because of Michaela we will be getting another puppy later this year from Kelly and Boeselager Kennels.
Troy and Teresa

Dear Kelly,
As you know this is my first dog and I'm somewhat new to the dog world, at least what it means owning and training one personally. Broly (a.k.a. Duke) is absolutely amazing. I wish you really knew how happy I am to have him as my side kick. The intelligence that he possesses is incredible. How fast he learns what I want him to do is great. The 2 years I spent looking for a dog was well worth it because whatever family he came from made all this to simple for me. The stress that I hear other people go through with their dogs at our pet store is a big relief for me knowing I never had to go through some of these things haha. Just to give you a example to how smart he is, he is excited to get up and go to work with me every morning. It is like there is an on and off switch in his brain. He hardly makes a sound or shows any sign of aggression to anyone or any other animals. Customers most of the time do not even know he is there. At home this is a whole different story. No one or animal can come on our property without him letting them know their on his home turf. I am just so pleased to have found him when I did, this is an amazing breed and I am so glad Kelly gave me a chance to take him home. And if there is anyone out there that second guesses themselves about these animals, please don't, their so great with children. I just had my second daughter on 2/3/12 and he accepted her the day we came home. So don't hesitate because he is a superb home defense dog, which is one of the reasons why I got him. 
Thank you Kelly
Tyler, Brittney
Alexa, Claire

Hi Kelly,

Sorry it has taken me a while to get this to you. I really wanted to give some thought to what I was going to say and how to say it. As you now know, my husband and I believe our dogs are part of the family. When I originally came to meet your dogs, I was suffering from a broken heart after the death of our male German Shepherd, Ruger, to osteosarcoma. We brought Ruger home at 8 weeks old, and he was the dog I had always dreamed of. A few months later, we acquired his full sister, Luna, and it seemed like our little family was really complete. Ruger was a pup with an amazing amount of personality - he was a thief and a trouble maker, but always put a smile on people's faces. He was a huge momma's boy, but it worked out because our Luna is a daddy's girl. At times he could be maddening to other people, but for me he was an angel. Perhaps he knew that he had to pack a lot of life into a short amount of time..... at only 3 1/2 years old, they discovered osteosarcoma  that had already spread to his lungs.  We couldn't keep him comfortable, and with great sadness, we made the decision to end his suffering. The whole experience was one of the most difficult things my husband and I have ever done, and there was an air of great sadness in the house for many weeks afterward. It was at this point that we started thinking ahead and looking at breeders.... we were thinking we might be ready by the spring (we lost Ruger in Sept) and we wanted to get some research done and get on the list for a litter. That is when I discovered your kennel.

I will preface this by saying that I do a tremendous amount of research on the pups I select. I am quite particular about the breeding of the dog as well as the attitude/personality of the breeder I select. From the very first time I contacted you, I was impressed with your love and knowledge of the breed as well as your willingness to answer questions and prompt responses. You were also extremely compassionate regarding our recent loss and I never felt pressured to choose one of your dogs..... you were just as concerned that the dog be a proper fit for our lives. When you told me you had several pups available, I remember telling you that I wasn't interested; I really wanted a puppy at 8 weeks old and these guys were already 12-13 weeks. That being said, I decided to come and see them so I could see what sort of dogs you were producing and see your set-up.  I drove out that day unsure of how I would feel seeing the puppies.  I wasn't sure if I would be happy or sad, or a little of both. I loved the look of them - big boned, solid build, beautiful heads, and attitude to spare.

And that's when you unleashed "The Tank" (Drake at that time).  I remember watching him run around the yard and harass his mom like he was the king of the world..... full of confidence, barking at the other dogs, and ready to take on anything. He made me smile and had quite a personality - we both thought he was going to be quite a handful. We talked that day for quite a while, and I was so pleased that you were willing to take the time out of your schedule to meet with me when I wasn't even sure I was getting a pup. I left that day very impressed with both your dogs and your dedication to them. I drove home that day and I knew I wanted to bring Tank home.

Since his arrival to us, he has been nothing but a joy. The trouble maker that you and I anticipated never materialized. He blended into the family so quickly, it is hard to imagine the house without him. He has helped heal my heart. I still miss my Ruger and think about him every day, but Tank has filled a void in me. I look forward to him greeting me at the door, and I no longer feel the sadness of Ruger's loss when I walk through the door.

Tank has been everything I thought he would be. He is growing into a beautiful, big male with a solid, blocky head. He has a ton of confidence in new situations and is eager to please. He has been so quick to learn everything that we have worked on that it sometimes leaves me amazed. He is extremely social with all people, and we have learned that he especially loves kids. Despite his large size, he is very gentle with them. We take daily walks into town and a number of shop owners allow him in the store to visit. As he has gotten older, his energy level and drive have increased dramatically. He has a tremendous prey drive and is crazy for anything that moves. He will play ball for hours and he'll do his best to engage anyone he thinks will throw it. We took our first big hike (6 miles) out on the trails this past weekend and he was in 7th heaven. I am looking into starting some tracking classes with him because he is very scent oriented - I think he would be a natural and I think we'll need to give him a job as an outlet for some of his energy. He is a natural athlete and we have been amazed by how strong he is and how effortlessly he moves and jumps. As much drive as he shows, he settles quickly when indoors. He is turning into a momma's boy as well, but has a much stronger bond with my husband than Ruger ever did (which makes my hubby happy). At night, Tank climbs into bed with me and needs to lay with as much of his body touching me as possible - I call him my little "snuggle bear".  Everyone in the family just thinks he is a sweet loveable puppy. He only chews on things that come out of the toybox (or the toybox itself), he doesn't ever jump on people when they come to the house, and he listens so attentively.  He guards the yard but understands that visitors are "ok" when we let them in (birds and squirrels, however, are strictly forbidden... LOL). We really haven't had any issues with him at all.... and that is an amazing thing to say.  

Thanks so much for everything. He is every bit of the pup that I expected him to be and I can only begin to imagine what an amazing dog he is going to turn into.  He is everything a German Shepherd should be - handsome, smart, loyal, and confident. Feel free to give my contact information to anyone considering getting a dog from you. I would be happy to tell them again just how happy we are (in fact, I have given a couple of people your name).

Love and best wishes,
(Chris, Luna, and Tank too)

March 20, 2013

Dear Kelly,

I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with Frannie (AKA Feebea).  She just turned 8 months old on March 15 and weighed in at 62 lbs.  Simply put…we couldn’t be happier with her.  She is everything that we had hoped she would be.  She is very social with people and adores other dogs so much so that I am taking her to doggy daycare at least weekly so she can play all day with her canine friends.  She has truly been an easy pup to raise.  She is eager to learn and catches on very quickly.  Even our vet commented on how well behaved she was which is very out of character for him.  She has a wonderful temperament and a sweet personality that is captivating while still being alert in her surroundings.

As you know, we were enthralled with her the first time that we saw her photo.  Ohhhhh that face just melted our hearts and we knew we had to have her.  I am so thankful that it all worked out.  I remember when you called me back to say that she was ours – I was elated!!!  She was just what the doctor prescribed for our broken hearts after losing our 2 beloved German Shepherds within 9 months of one another.  Frannie is our first coated German Shepherd and our first DDR line German Shepherd.  We love these fuzzy coated dogs!  Her markings are beautiful and she turns heads every time we take her out and everyone that has met her has commented on how beautiful she is.  The employees at our local family owned pet store where I buy her food adore her.  On the rare occasions that I should go in there without her they always ask where she is.

She is such a little character and can be very independent at times.  She loves to play “peek-a-boo” with visitors and likes to show them her trick by weaving in between their legs and popping her head up.  After a lot of ruckus the first night in her crate – she loves it now!  We refer to her as our “little contortionist” because she will lay upside down in her crate with her belly exposed just looking at you when you open the crate door.  These are just a few of the antics that our silly girl likes to play.

I really appreciate you always being so accessible and willing to talk (and listen) about your dogs.  I felt so comfortable the first time that I talked to you.  It is very apparent that you truly care about your dogs and want what is best for them and make every concerted effort to match them with suitable homes where they will be loved for the duration of their life.

All our best,
Carl and Michele
Cumming, GA

Dear Kelly,
Just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with Gabi (A.K.A. Foxi).  She has been such a joy to raise. We are really happy with her size, at 9 months she was 25 inches and 70 pounds. We took her to puppy classes last November and December, then took the rest of the winter off for her to just be a puppy. We are now in our 3rd week of basic obedience and she is doing  great, still wonders why she can't play with all the other dogs.
She is so happy when the grandchildren come to visit, she follows them around the farm where ever they go, and sleeps in their room at night. We have not kenneled her at night for about a month now,  potty training was so easy. Taking her in the car has always been so easy. We have a cabin in northern Michigan, about 4 hours away that we go to about once a month,  she has made the trip with no fuss, right from the time we got her.
We take long walks every day, and do a lot of day hikes, she loves her walks. We
usually walk off leash, she has great recall.  She will be traveling with us to
Sedona Arizona for the winter for lots of great hikes.
We had been looking for a German Shepherd for two years, looking at websites,
visiting kennels, we traveled as far as west of Nebraska. Our one unbreakable rule was that the pup had to be from DM tested parents. When we visited you last fall, we had no intention of buying a puppy, just wanted to see your dogs. You had three pups for us to see, and two for sale, we really liked both pups, and we had a hard time picking, but Gabi(Foxi) won the day.
We just wanted you to know how happy we are with Gabi and how much we admire  your breeding plan for the advancement of this breed that we love.

Gil and Johanna 

I first contacted Kelly after learning my beloved boy Seth was developing
Degenerative Myelopathy. Kelly was wonderful, kind and understanding. I knew I wanted a shepherd with similar characteristics and personality so after researching the DDR line and Kelly's upcoming litter I decided it was what I was looking for. After loosing Seth, Kelly was very supportive and patient with my numerous questions and hesitations when the litter was born. She was prompt in sending any requested pictures of the puppies and informing me of their developing personalities, very helpful since I live in Az. The first time I saw a picture of orange boy's eyes, I knew he was the one for me. Fate arrived from the transport healthy, happy and wonderfully well socialized. Kelly does a fantastic job raising her puppies. I couldn't be happier with Fate. He is all she said he was and more. 

Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to let you know that Gretel (AKA "Danke") is doing WONDERFULLY.
She loves swimming at the lake, SUP boarding, playing scent games, 'finding her brother Kaiser in the woods, 'playing' with the deer, bunnies, and squirrels that visit our backyard, and running very fast.  Actually it seems, when we're playing hide and seek games in the woods, that she can be a nearly a full sprint with her nose sniffing the ground!  She's an athletic marvel and we give her multiple opportunities per day to give her energy an outlet.  Many thanks for running a successful breeding program.
South Carolina

Lucy is our second Boeselager dog.  We love Charlie, our first Boeselager dog so much and thought he was such an exceptional dog we knew we would be back for a second dog from Kelly.  Kelly is a great breeder who puts a lot of time, love, and care into her dogs.  Lucy has been another great addition to our family.  Not only is she a gorgeous dog but she is very confident one as well.  She is also so smart that training her was a breeze.  There would be weeks where I didn't have the time to work with her and I would give her a command and she would do it on the spot.  I have five kids and at times our house can be chaotic. Lucy has fit right in with all her energy.  It's great because one minute she will be running around outside with all the kids and the next minute she will be curled up on the couch watching a movie with them.  She is a very loving and sweet dog!  My kids have really enjoyed having her and Charlie around.  Kelly breeds great dogs and it shows in both Lucy and Charlie's temperaments.  I've received many compliments from strangers on the street to my own veterinarian. We are so happy with Charlie and Lucy and I highly recommend Boeselager Kennels to anyone!
Elizabeth and family 
Bob and I would like to thank you so much for our boy Ii'ni (Ii'ni Naabaahii vom
Boeselager - English translation - Lightning Warrior of Boeselager).  He is my second black GSD and is everything I wanted in a German Shepherd.  He is very smart and very loving.  As with all young GSD's he can be a little hyper but he is learning to be calm when people come to the door.  I may not get another pup but if I did it would be from you.  I loved the fact that you have a puppy application and the breeder - owner contract.  No surprises because everything is spelled out.  I look forward to the many years we will have with Ii'ni. He gets along well with my 10 year old and the 10 month old.  He does try to dominate but the old man puts him in his place and I make sure that all know who the real boss is (ME).  I have and will continue to tell people where I got Ii'ni and recommend you to all.  Again thank you for allowing us to have this great dog. 
Yours Truly 
Linda and Bob 
New Mexico

Thank You Kelly, for the most amazing dog I have ever owned! To all potential puppy owners, I just want to say that if you are looking for an amazing working companion, look no further. Kelly puts a lot of time and effort into breeding wonderful dogs and it shows from day one. Her dogs represent the best of the German Shepherd breed and I look forward to the many years I will have with my girl Sky.
Hi Kelly,

I wanted to thank you for breeding my puppy. Izak loves to play, swim and work and is a very healthy dog.  He is very smart and handsome and we love him. 
We had three other German Shepherds before Izak and never had potty training go so well.  We were worried about potty training during the cold Wisconsin winter. We brought Izak home in late January and from day 1 he knew to go to the door when he had to go potty.  It was a matter of weeks and he was 100% potty trained.  In Fall we were working on Tracking and now during the winter months we are doing Nose/Scent  Work. He excels and enjoys both.  All the trainers love his
disposition, his drive,  and desire to work.  He has a personality that is larger
than life and he doesn’t do anything half way; he puts 100% into everything he
does.  He is very food driven but also loves being praised.  Although Izak has a
lot of energy, since puppyhood he’s known that when the lights go out it's bedtime. He instinctually settles in and quiets down. Izak has a great disposition, I wanted a cuddly dog and I got that with him.  He loves getting petted and loves attention from almost everyone.  Although he is very friendly I have no doubt that he would be protective if he needed to be. He demonstrated this to me one day when I took him for a walk in a  wooded area. I parked the car and started walking on the path in the woods.  We got about 100 yards in when he began to act like he wanted to turn back towards the car.  He grabbed the leash and was actually pulling me towards the parking lot.  This was very unusual behavior for him and I thought if he doesn’t want to walk I won’t make him, so we walked back to car. As we got in our car Izak immediatly looked at the man in the car next to ours and started barking at him, which is VERY out of character for him. The guy appeared to be sleeping in his car and it looked as though he might have been living in his car. He was not acting in a threatening manner but did look suspicious.   I will never know if this man was a threat or not but I can honestly say Izak never acted like that before or after on any walks or towards another person.  My  gut tells me that he perceived the man as a threat and wanted to protect me from him. Izak loves to play, swim, and work and he is a very healthy dog.  If I ever got another puppy (I’d love a sister for Izak someday) it will be a Boeselager German

Thank you again for all you do for this wonderful breed. On a final note, I couldn’t begin to estimate how many compliments we get regarding his looks. He is truly a handsome, majestic looking creature. 


Hi Kelly,

First off my apologies on not getting this to you sooner!  I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since we brought Judah home.  He was our much anticipated second Boeselager German Shepherd and a full littermate to his sister Frannie!  Without a doubt Judah was definitely well worth the wait.  Our boy is more than we could have hoped for and receives many compliments on his striking looks and temperament. 

I realized early on that it would be a disservice to not actively train Judah so I have come out of a 15 year hiatus and I am training him in PPD (Practical Protection Dog), APA (American Politiehond Association which is similar to KNPV) and SDA (Service Dogs of America Ultimate Dog Sport).  He is very serious when it comes to his training and is not what I would refer to as a hobby or sport dog.  He’s excelling at the various disciplines and I couldn’t be happier with him not to mention how much fun we’re having working together as a team.

At 10 months of age Judah’s trainer commented “Judah is as good a dog as I have seen at his age.  Considering he has had no “puppy prep” work done with him, to come right out and crush the sleeve and to have a very balanced temperament of prey and defense, he is an incredible young adult.  I’ve been training dogs to bite for over 40 years.  This dog is right at the top of the heap.  I told Michele, he can be whatever she wants him to be.  Lord knows he would make a helluva police service dog.  Congratulations you bred a good one!!”  I think that pretty much says it all.  We waited almost 3 years for this repeat breeding and I cannot thank you enough for our boy.

Judah settles nicely in the house, he’s eager to please and has a wonderful on/off switch which makes him a delight to have in the house without driving you crazy.  He’s very protective of his property but will happily greet visitors who visit us because don’t you know everyone is there to see him!  

You put a lot of time, thought and consideration into each breeding and truly care about your dogs and it shows.  The pups are well adjusted, confident and healthy when they go to their homes.  You are doing it right!  I’d be a “three peat” customer if my husband would agree to another German Shepherd but truth be told I have my hands full with the 2 from you that I am blessed as it is to have.  When the time comes down the road, I will definitely be back for another Boeselager German Shepherd!  

Michele and Carl
(Frannie too)
We were looking specifically for a black German Shepherd, a working shepherd. A
dog with drive willing and able to compete in various dog sports. After researching
many kennels/breeders we found just what we were looking for. Inga Vom Boeselager aka Brook was born November 29, 2014. She is a thinker, very intelligent, very willing to please. I was told by one of our obedience instructors, "Some dogs have what it takes to be a top dog, some don't. Brook is defiantly one of those that have it." She has the ideal confirmation, character, temperament and movement of a working GSD. She is young (2 yr 4 mth) and has already excelled in Obedience, Agility, Tracking and Confirmation obtaining multiple titles in both AKC and UKC. Brooks a fun dog (a real sweetheart) but a serious dog. She is everything we were looking for and then some. Defiantly going to enjoy our time together. Thank you Kelly
Judy and Randy 

Hey Kelly!

I just wanted to say I couldn’t be happier with my Luke. He is everything I have always thought a German Shepherd should be and more. My only complaint is my now lack of bathroom privacy! He is my best friend and my personal shadow, I turn around and there is Luke. No matter how boring I am being at the time! When i was working outside of the house I was lucky enough to be able to take him with me when he was a small boy, and I could not have asked for a better work buddy. He was calm, responded to correction quickly, and was content to be with me and his bone even with a bunch of other dogs around him. He is still the same way  at a year old! When we go to the park the other animals might as well be rocks. I have never had a problem with his recall (no training in this case!) and while he is happy to go splash around in the lake and go sniff things, when I call he always comes no matter how tempting the stimulus. 

He is the smartest dog I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He learns quickly and never forgets a lesson. He learned to be gentle with kids very quickly as well, almost on instinct. He once held so still when a little baby gently petted him on the head at a pet store. He loves children so much and despite the puppy energy he tones it down around them. He has taken to every environment I have brought him into with grace and gusto. When I worked with disabled clients he was with me and was a great part of their therapy just by being himself. Because of his easy going nature I thought he wouldn’t be good as an IPO dog.  

Boy howdy was I wrong!

Luke took to protection work like a fish to water. If there was ever a dog born to work it is Luke. It would be a crime not to work with him! The first moment he saw a flirt pole it's like he knew it needed to be torn to shreds, and when he saw the sleeve I have never seen a bigger grin on a helpers face when he chomped down. In the two clubs I have had him tested at both have told me I have something special with my boy, and one person even took me aside to say it was beautiful to watch Luke and I work. When all other dogs are done working, Luke is still eager to bite the bad guy, he would work until he dropped if I let him. At home you wouldn’t know it unless you brought out his ball. He is a total couch potato for the most part in the house and plays gently with my other two dogs on the floor or chews an antler or horn. 

He is everything I could have ever wanted in a dog and more. It may sound cheesy, but I think it was fate that brought Luke to me and I can’t thank you enough for giving me a chance to take home my special boy. He has changed my life for the better!