"Captain Max Von Stephanitz"
"Take this trouble from me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim."
 V. Don Vom Rolandsteich, SchH 2, FH 2, KKL1  
      "Utility is the true criterion of beauty"  
           "Captain Max Von Stephanitz"  

After the second world war "GDR Breed Lines"

East Germany, separated by a wall. This wall has ensured that two German Shepherd populations were developed. The focus was on the east side service dogs who noticed their natural sharpness, their varied colors (with lots of pigment and often very dark gray) and their compact design with powerful heads and bones. In the West developed, partly by commerce, the black-brown colored multi-skilled dog house, a la Inspector Rex.

 After the Wall fell in 1990 it also fell around the world working dog inside the former GDR and all dogs in any way to a working dog were purchased. This is the reason that in the original East German little dogs would encounter in the original DDR-blood.

 Many dog lovers cherish the work of dogs in this DDR-line because of their sharpness and natural defense (the dog has a naturally innate courage to protect his boss).

The SDG (Sektion Dienst und Wesen Gebrauchshund) was founded in 1969. Under this section were all working dog breeds. This section was responsible for inspection and registration of the German Shepherd breed. They have the following for the German shepherd breeding goals made: The breeding of strong character, temperamental dog, with good sharpness and possess the willingness to work to train versatile. Breeding healthy dogs used in the broadest sense. These dogs need to reach an advanced age, have a good constitution, fertile and have few genetic defects. Breeding dogs nicely shaped with good pigmentation, as much of the same type with the largest possible loop-and endurance.

For a dog to be allowed to breed they had very stringent requirements that had to be met. They had to have their bitch with all her offspring in a judged show. These tests were used with the Wertmessziffern system. Under that system the value of the State Department determined for what dogs to be used. The inspection of the dog was a 6-digit number, 4 digits for the line and 2 behind the line, for example 5545/55. Successively were the size, constitution, body building, the character behind the bar and the sharpness and hardness described. For the State Department were the last 3 digits important so ...5/55. These three figures describe the nature of the dog. They had a "ausgeglichene, gutartige Hund, heart gegen Einwirkung (last 5 for the line) Schärfe und Härte und sehr gut (the two digits after the dash). A dog with ...5/55 was ideal for the State Department. After the fall of the wall this way approve of the GDR were missing a dog no longer in the DDR pedigree.

The training in the GDR had more in common with the current KNPV (police dogs dressage) and with the VH or Sch-dog program today. They knew as sport africhting:

Sleuth FH 1 tm 3

Police Protection Dog PSH 1 tm 3

Police Scent hound PFH 1 tm 3 
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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown