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            Qwana vom Boeselager- Full DDR
Qwana is a very serious girl with the rag work. She needs to go to a working home. Qwana is a really nice girl though. She Loves to be loved on and has such a Beautiful temperament. Qwana has a Beautiful coat, Very Nice structure with a lovely flowing gate. She has a nice deep nose on her. She is very good in the crate. She could excel in IPO, PPD or could possibly do SAR. Please feel free to call, email if interested. DOB 4/26/2018. UTD with vaccines/rabies. Her father is our full DDR import Malik vom Kranich's Hof and her mother is full DDR Letti vom Boeselager. We no longer own Letti but Letti is a Beautiful black sable long coat. Qwana is 13 months old and is green.
Linebreeding for Qwana vom Boeselager

Progeny of Malik vom Kranich's Hof and Letti vom Boeselager

Linebreeding - 5 generations

4 - 5 SG Trux vom Haus Iris IP3,SCHH3,RH1  

5 - 5 V Tino vom Felsenschloß SCHH3 (LGA) FH2 IPO3 

Odin vom Boeselager
85% DDR and the rest are WGWL's
Progeny of Malik vom Kranich's Hof and Ena vom Boeselager

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 4 V Brando von der Marderklause SCHH3 ( SG-LGA )  

4 - 5 INT CH V- Illa von der Mittelhäuser Flur SchH3 

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Odin vom Boeselager (A.K.A. Diesel) will soon be available!!!!  We are accepting applications now for him.  This boy has been through a LOT so a home check is required.  Diesel is a LOT of dog,  so Working line German Shepherd Experience is REQUIRED,  Especially with the lines he has.  He is 85% DDR and the rest are WGWL's. Diesel has a super deep nose on him,  will work for ball and treats, is good around people,  good around cats but if they run then it's NO CAT or LEAVE IT and he will listen, lol!!!!  He is not food aggressive considering what he's been through.  I have not seen him being dog aggressive with any of my dogs.  He is good in a crate but in a crate in the car he is very vocal,  so were working on that.  Diesel has a few things that need work on but we feel he would excel in SAR or possible LE.  He is intact UTD with shots/rabies and is on a heart worm  preventative.  Diesel needs a job and a forever home.  Feel free to contact us if interested and/or to fill out an application.
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Malik vom Kranich's Hof
         Full DDR Import
Malik is a 4 year old intact full DDR import male that we are putting up for sale. He is  Very Good stud dog producing working puppies and puppies for Very Active Homes. He is Very Good to collect from. Malik is a pattern sable which means he will throw black/tans, bi colors and sables depending who he is bred too. We decided to let him go b/c we are trying to cut back in the amount of dogs we have. He is a Gorgeous boy that Loves people. He has a Very high prey drive so he would be able to do protection work, police work, IPO, etc. He has a Very Deep nose on him as well. He is not fully OB trained. We are cutting back in dogs so we have the money to start training the dogs we are going to keep. Malik is a Super Nice Boy and we've been going back and forth on putting him up for sale or keeping him. It is a Very Hard decision but we have chosen to let him go. If seriously interested please feel free to contact us. We lost internet at our home b/c we live in the middle of the woods and the darn trees kept growing until our internet went out, so we have to go else where (until we can get the trees cut down) for our internet. We also do not have a cell phone, so if you call please leave a message so we can call you back.

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