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Reservations Are Highly Recommended
Reservations Are Highly Recommended
    **Planned Upcoming Litters for 2022**
Hammer vom Boeselager- Full DDR
Bria von Picasso -Full DDR import
Progeny of Hammer vom Boeselager and Bria von Picasso

Linebreeding - 5 generations

4 - 5 V Aron vom Sachsentraum SCHH3 (SG-LGA)  

5 - 5 V Don vom Haus Iris SchH3/IP3 

                                  **Full DDR Breeding**
This will be a full DDR breeding. This is pending health certifications on both. This will be an Exceptional breeding between Hammer and Bria. Very Excited about this pairing.    **We are Not taking any deposit's for this breeding until the puppies are here**
                                 **This breeding will take place in 2022/2023**
Hammer is from very old DDR lines. He is a no nonsense type of dog. He's very protective of his owners and property and can be a strong and serious dog. Hammer came from 13 year old frozen semen and we are Very excited that we did get puppies out of that semen, 1 being Hammer :-)  Hammer has nice thick bone, nice head on him, beautiful structure and a clear head on him and a nice flowing gate. It took us 3 years to try and find a good full DDR pedigree that would work with Hammer and we finally found it in Bria. We imported Bria when she was just a baby from Germany. Bria is an Amazing girl, full of spunk and loves being a love bug at times. Bria is a love to have and we were very lucky to be able to get her for Hammer.  Bria has nice bone, beautiful structure/head and a nice flowing gate. This is going to be an Exceptional litter with having only 2 linebreeding's which is hard to find now a day's. We might hold back a puppy from this breeding. These puppies could need GSD experienced owners (b/c of Hammer's pedigree and how he is) but will know more once puppies are here. Puppies will be suitable for Working home's/Very Active home's (with possible GSD/DDR experience ),  LE,  PPD, IGP, etc. We expect colors of possible solid blacks, bicolor/black tans with thick hone, blocky heads, beautiful structure. This breeding is pending both Hammer/Bria's health certifications.
Click HERE to view this Amazing Pedigree
Imarah vom Boeselager~Hips~OFA Excellent, Elbows~OFA Normal, DM Clear through parentage. 
Enno Stasi. Prelim hips good, elbows normal, DM Clear.  Full DDR import.
More information coming soon.
Click HERE to see this Awesome Pedigree
  **Reservations Are Highly Recommended**
Dessa vom Boeselager
OFA Hips~Good, OFA Elbows~Normal, DM Clear thru parentage.

Progeny of V Arek von der Wedeme IPO3 and Odessa vom Boeselager

Linebreeding - 5 generations

4 - 5  SG Trux vom Haus Iris IP3,SCHH3,RH1

5,5 - 5  INT CH V- Illa von der Mittelhäuser Flur SchH3
Dessa is a very well balanced girl. She has a nice solid temperament, at times a bit aloof to strangers, can be protective of her owner/property if/when needed. She is our 4th generation out of our lines. We own her mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Father, Grandfather and her Aunt. You can see them all on our website. She is a nice size/structured girl and can be a bit of a goof ball at times, lol!!! We had Dessa tested for IGP and were working with her until my knee went out. She is totally able to do the sport, me on the other hand will hopefully be after surgery. Arek is an outside stud that we have been able to use on Dessa and her mother Ena. The puppies out of Ena have been Exceptional and this litter with Dessa will be as well. This is what Arek's owner say's, Arek is a large male showing super drives for work and a willingness to work for his handler. He shows strong ball and med food drive. His hunt drives are very nice. His favorite part of the work is protection where he shows a full and firm grip and desire to fight the decoy. Arek is social and clear in the head and great with kids and other dogs. Arek is a great asset to our program to have balance in drives and temperament. Arek is always happy.  We expect in color solid blacks and dark/black sables. Puppies will be suitable for working homes as well as Very Active family homes. Puppies out of these 2 have turned out Exceptional. Everyone including us are very happy with their puppies. We have held a puppy back for our breeding program out of Dessa/Arek's first litter. He is 5th generation out of our lines.
     **Puppies Born 9-25-2022**
     💜 💜 We Have Puppies Available💜💜
  6 Male's (3 black sable's, 2 bi-color, 1 solid black)
 4 Female's (1 black sable, 2 bi-color, 1 possible bi-color or black/tan)
Progeny of Enno Stasi and Imarah vom Boeselager

Linebreeding - 5 generations 

5 - 4V Tino vom Felsenschloß SCHH3 (LGA) FH2 IPO3 

5 - 4V Cliff vom Osterburgeck SCHH3 

  **Reservations Are Highly Recommended**
Livia Stasi, Full DDR import
**This will be a Full DDR Breeding** 2022/2023 breeding. Livia will be bred to a full DDR male. Pending health certifications
Photos taken at a year old